Future Proof: Reinventing Baileys for a new generation

Sheila Cunningham explains how innovation has helped Baileys go beyond Christmas to become an all-year round treat.
12 July 2023
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Baileys has been on an innovation journey, using Limited Time Offers and special flavours to put the Diageo brand back on track.

In this episode of Future Proof, Global Planning Director Sheila Cunningham explains how behaving like an adult treat rather than an old-fashioned liqueur has been critical to the revitalising the brand and attracting a younger, more male buyer.

Sheila talks to Nicki Morley, head of Behavioural Science and Innovation Expertise at Kantar, about how the brand has reinvented its rules, tested new flavours such as pumpkin spice and strawberries and cream and built new relationships with retailers. Together they discuss the Baileys journey, it’s new B Corp status and provide tips for other brands seeking to use innovation to drive reinvention and attract new buyers.

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