Enhanced Sample

Enhance your datasets and boost the value of research investments by connecting real people profiles to other sources.


Kantar can give you access to unique audiences. Derived from the 150 million+ research-ready respondents within the Kantar Profiles Network, our Enhanced Sample reach includes millions of survey-ready respondent profiles for whom we have an existing, proprietary connection to non-survey-based data, such as ad exposure, digital behaviour, psychographics and geo-location.

Key features

Deeper insights from enhanced survey data

Combine our permission-based first-party data, your CRM data and third party data sets.

Unique, targeted audiences for media targeting

Validate the quality of your segments for future campaign use, and measure ad effectiveness across different channels.

Propriety attributes data

Access up to 4,800 profiling attributes from our LifePoints panel – the largest number of attributes in the industry.

profiles respondent hub

Profiles Respondent Hub 

Find a breakout of the 170+ million people across our top 100 markets within the Profiles Respondent Hub – the most reliable network in the industry.
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