Data Compliance

Driven by our proprietary data, trust the insights you gain from the profiles you collect, connect and activate with us.


At Kantar, we only work with permission-based respondents and ensure data collection is done in respect of data protection regulations around the world. So, whether it’s our double opt-in (DOI) panelists or our programmatic supply, you can rest assured that quality and compliance underpin everything we do.

Key features

Connected data you can trust

We are an accredited data match partner for Google, and our platform for connecting data is also VSA accredited by Google.

Comprehensive validation approach

Our unique methodologies and layers of quality control have been developed to handle multiple sources.

Trusted healthcare research partner, globally

We hold the revised standard ISO 20252:2019 globally for Healthcare Market Research and Panel Management.

Additional information

We authenticate those who join our proprietary, double opt-in LifePoints panel by matching personally identifying information (PII) to various financial or social network databases, where available.

We use the IP address of every new individual entering a survey to validate their location, ensuring they are within the market region. We also use it to check new LifePoints panelists against a known list of fraudulent servers to identify fraud at the time of recruitment.

Honesty Detector is Kantar’s patented online, statistical approach to remove over-reporters from your surveys. We analyse respondent answers to a unique combination of high and low probability statements, as well as a benchmark question, to identify over-reporters who are not likely to provide credible responses. Dishonest respondents, regardless of source, are blocked from entering your surveys. Our methodology has been proven effective regardless of source, market, or audience type. It’s offered as standard on all consumer work over 10% incidence rate.

We eliminate all duplicate respondents at the start of a study, ensuring unique individuals are completing your projects. To do this, we employ proprietary and industry standard digital fingerprinting technology that works in conjunction with our IP address validation (where permitted by country).

Survey Health Score is our proprietary engagement assessment metric. We use it to help analyse and benchmark survey design techniques, length of interview affects and the influence of devices. It’s designed to enable you to better understand and respond to data quality.

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