How do you innovate meaningfully when everything is changing? Kantar has a number of guiding principles that have been developed over the years by studying strong brands.

Strong brands create a strong understanding of the changing context.

These strong innovative brands are foresight focussed; they look to the future and work back to the present. They take a wide-angled, human-centric view of their business and the context in which they operate, in in order to reimagine what’s possible and think differently about where growth lies.

Strong brands obsess over people and context to get to truly meaningful innovations.

Strong brands find create ways to add value to peoples lives by identifying incremental opportunities within a growth space.

Strong brands take a holistic approach to innovation and put brand at the heart of their Innovation development.

They innovate in a connected way, appreciating the reciprocal relationship between brand and innovation, and that innovations matter in the short and long term. They also understand that innovation is not an island: the execution matters, and it is important to ensure the full mix is considered throughout the innovation journey. 

Through this pillar, we will help you understand how to innovate at pace by developing an obsession for learning. Get in touch with one of our experts via the form below to find out how you can innovate your brand more meaningfully.

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