Mental Health

At Kantar, we recognize and promote mental wellness at work and are passionate about providing our employees with tools and resources to support them day to day.

We promote an environment where we work together to remove the stigma around mental health, allowing our people to be honest about what help they may need and providing support to colleagues when needed.

“We promote an open and safe culture where mental health can be discussed as openly as any physical illness or medical condition.”

Scott Carter, Chief Human Resources Officer

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At Kantar, we recognise the important role we play in supporting each other to look after our mental health.

Read more from our employees about their experience of dealing with mental health challenges in the workplace.

Employee stories
Leon P

Director, UK


Director, North America

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Marketing, North America

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GIS Specialist, South Africa

World Mental Health Day, 10 October

2020 has been a unique and challenging year, for us as a business and for each of us individually.

In the middle of a global pandemic, it is crucial to keep a check on our own mental health... and it can be hard to know how to ask for help.

We marked World Mental Health day with our “We are here” campaign to raise awareness of the different challenges that people can face, share resources that are available to help, and create a culture of openness: where all of us, whether we’re struggling ourselves or looking out for our colleagues, are able to ask for support.

“Focusing on mental health helps us create an environment where we can all operate at our best. It’s about openness, transparency and support. Our “We are here” campaign reflects that – highlighting that mental health is relevant to all of us.“

Andrew Fowler, HR Director

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