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At Kantar, we believe how we work is just as important as what we do.
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Business growth, positive client impact, and a great employee experience should underpin everything we do – and that means adopting behaviors that help us reach these strategic goals. The ‘how’; our behaviors, shape the way we all work together.

Our behaviors at Kantar: Growth Mindset, Purposeful Collaboration and Flourish.

  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Grabbing opportunities to learn, grow and inspire others, then putting ideas into practice to help the business succeed.
  • Embrace Purposeful Collaboration: Collaborating proactively with colleagues, with clear purpose, towards positive client impact.
  • Help others to Flourish: Facilitating a great employee experience by giving others room to grow, explore and achieve – with respect and encouragement.

Our values guide us, both as individuals and as a company. While our business and our industry continue to change, our belief in our values remains consistent.

Career Development at Kantar

Through our Talent, learning and Leadership programs we inspire our people to create and flourish in an extraordinary world. Our high-quality learning programs and extensive leadership development transform and grow our people to support their career goals and development aspirations.

Building Global Careers

As a global business operating in 70+ markets, internal career development both locally and internationally is openly supported. Encouraging our people to diversify their experiences drives innovation and creativity, enabling us to better serve the needs of our clients.

Hungry to Learn?

Continuous learning is the foundation to shaping your career at Kantar. LinkedIn Learning is available to all our employees, and we encourage time away from your day job to learn at a pace that suits you. Our employee networks are lively forums to ask questions, pose challenges and be #keentoshare learning that’s simply too good to keep to yourself.

Our learning and development programs

Management development: The role of the manager is key to engaging our people and developing the best from our teams around the world. We support our managers with a series of learning solutions to develop the key attributes needed to lead with confidence.

Leadership development: As our people progress though the organization, taking on a new or more senior role, we support this transition with a robust leadership development program.

Inclusive leaders’ podcasts

Our internal podcast series focuses conversations on what inclusive leadership means, why it is important, how each of us can become more inclusive, and the significance we each play in the inclusive cultures we create, and the diversity of thinking and innovation we capture to better face the ever-emerging new world.

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Our mentoring scheme has supported our employees to achieve their individual goals and has given our mentees a valuable opportunity to learn and develop. Through our digital mentoring platform, we are creating many successful mentoring relationships globally.

“Above all it was a very rewarding experience. I am bolder to talk about my point my view, and also better equipped to address questions during presentations.” – Blessing Onyebuchi, Senior Research Executive, Nigeria

“Becoming a mentor has not only given me the challenge to develop and grow diverse representation at more senior levels, but has given me the opportunity to continue to learn how to help drive growth by helping teammates give their best and flourish.” – Chris Morley, Worldpanel Division, UK

Global Allyship Programme

Our goal is for everyone at Kantar to exhibit inclusive behaviors and avoid bias (for or against) any specific group. To help achieve this vision, we have created the Ally Program. While the goal is for everyone to behave like an ally, there are some individuals who are eager to get involved in a more deliberate and organized way – this is what the Ally Program achieves.

An Ally at Kantar means stepping up to become engaged in a specific way that includes:

  • Learning and personal development
  • Participation in and helping to organize Inclusion & Diversity events
  • Being a role model of inclusive behavior
  • Acting as an extension of the local Inclusion & Diversity Steering Committee to support and drive initiatives

“I am looking forward to working with the other Allies to help create a more inclusive and open-minded workspace. This network of like-minded people will be essential for creating change.” – Kantar Employee

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