​Discover growth opportunities in disruptive trends in fashion

Search data reveals a disruptive perspective of the emerging signals challenging the fashion industry and urges fashion brands to look beyond the obvious.
06 February 2024
Serene Wilson

Global Insights Lead, Dx Analytics

In the latest edition of our emerging trends series, we delve into the future of fashion tapping into 2.5+ billion search data points across the world. By design, we curated the search universe to reveal the unique voice of an emerging cohort of consumers who are slowly but steadily transforming the fashion landscape. 

We uncovered 3 core consumer needs driving the narrative on fashion:  

Health: seeking greater transparency and support in alignment with health and wellbeing goals 

Enable: inclusivity beyond size, impairment, ethnic diversity, gender, sexual orientation  

Environment: the growing consciousness around clean and ethical fashion and its impact on the planet 


These then further manifested into 5 trends. 

  • The pursuit of healthy fashion to support wellbeing goals. The spotlight on chemicals and the fight against toxic textiles for health. 
  • Modest fashion that breaks stereotypes and inspires diversity. About transcending cultures: a symbol of empowerment, self-expression, and inclusivity. 
  • Putting sustainable and next-gen materials at the forefront in the quest to be fashionably transparent. 
  • Bagging bargains on the second-hand scene. Addressing the needs of a budget-savvy consumer amidst shrinking discretionary incomes. 
  • Reimagining the fashion industry with novel tech. Redefining the rules of engagement with style. 


Taking it a step further, we deconstructed consumers driving specific trends to get a deeper understanding of who they are, their values, interests, preferred social networks and the specific fashion topics of interest. 

The report offers a disruptive perspective of the emerging signals challenging the industry and gently urges fashion brands to look beyond the obvious. 

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