Estimating market potential of a new personal care product

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We showed a new entrant to the personal care category the potential of a totally new product format, by testing it in a simulated shopping environment.


Our client, a new entrant in the personal hygiene category, was launching a totally new product format meant for on-the-go usage, targeted at school children, and wanted to understand the potential of the concept.


Understanding the perception of the new concept in a real competitive context was essential, so we recommended ConceptEvaluate ‘in context’.

ConceptEvaluate in context replicates the actual purchase experience by simulating the choices people make in a realistic competitive environment, to predict the true in-market potential.


We estimated the end-of-year volume for the concept in the current competitive environment.

More importantly, we identified a wider target potential than our client had originally intended, providing opportunities for new growth avenues.


The new format was launched and generated over 10% increase in the brand’s revenue.

Our predictions from the study had an 80%+ accuracy against in-market volumes the launch achieved.

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