Increasing momentum around women’s football

With our dedicated sports tracker we have been able to look at the level of interest in the Barclays FA WSL.
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With the increasing momentum around women’s football, and another weekend that saw major derby matches played out at Anfield and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, delivering record attendances, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look at the huge strides that have been made this year.

Using Kantar’s dedicated sports tracker, SportScope, we have been able to look at the level of interest in the Barclays FA WSL, not just in isolation, but bench-marked against other properties.

The results back up the fact that enormous progress has been made so far, with very favourable performance alongside some more established competitions. There is a very clear picture of a sport that is on the rise, engaging across a wide range of platforms with an audience that reached across the age and gender spectrums.

SportScope is Kantar’s dedicated sport tracker. Running every month of the year in the UK to a nationally representative sample. SportScope delivers a comprehensive view of the overall following and interest of different sports, competitions and clubs, broken down by key demographic profiles. SportScope is also fused with the TGI database to provide unparalleled ability to segment the followers and fans based on their consumer habits.

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WSL Sport Scope


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