Infographic: Britain’s changing culinary habits

Consumers' approach to food and mealtimes have evolved considerably under lockdown.
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Our relationship with food has fundamentally changed since the pandemic began.

From consumers having more time to prepare meals whilst working from home, to greater use of meal kits and recipe boxes – many of Britain’s adults have been dining differently over the last 12 months.

To understand how food and drink behaviours have changed during the pandemic and and how they may look post-COVID-19, we conducted a study into the at-home meal routines of adults in Britain. This revealed that four in every 10 adults have been spending more time preparing meals compared to before the pandemic.

Other findings reveal that a third of adults claim to enjoy preparing meals more now than before the pandemic, whilst a similar proportion say that they find meal preparation tedious. 

Adoption of meal kits have also been thriving under lockdown, with nearly 60% of adults who subscribe to these services doing so to a greater extent since the pandemic began.

Discover more via our webinar and infographic

For a more in-depth understanding of what has changed and how meal preparation behaviours will evolve post-pandemic, sign up for our 13th May webinar here.

In the meantime, see our dedicated infographic for some of the topline highlights from our study. Please fill in the short form below to access.


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