Courting the Black Friday Shopper

As another Black Friday approaches, we explore evolving trends in engagement with this shopping event and examine today's Black Friday shoppers
18 October 2023
Black Friday buying
James Powell

Senior Marketing Manager, Media Division, UK & Ireland

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Now that we’re into October, the prominent pre-Christmas shopping event that is Black Friday is mere weeks away. As a shopping event that didn’t exist at all in Britain just a few years ago, Black Friday has been gaining traction among consumers over the years. With all the more impetus on finding a bargain as the cost-of-living bites, engagement with Black Friday sales this year could prove especially high.

Latest monthly TGI data reveals that the proportion of adults who claim to have purchased anything on the most recent Black Friday stands at 21% of adults - a figure that has seen steady growth in recent years.

Black Friday shopping habits

There is every possibility that the figure could climb again this year given the impact of the cost-of-living crisis in driving people to seek out bargains, especially with the prospect of buying for Christmas coming up.

Indeed, it is instructive to note that those who say they buy Christmas presents for more than 10 people are 27% more likely than the average adult to claim to make Black Friday purchases, whilst those who say they spend over £300 on Christmas presents are a third more likely to do so.

Black Friday shopping habits

When it comes to appealing to Black Friday purchasers in the most efficient way, TGI reveals that they are particularly likely compared to the average adult to engage with media and advertising in a number of different formats.

Among other media types, TV sponsorship, celebrity endorsements and out-of-home advertising can all prove especially impactful for this audience.

Black Friday shopping habits

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