Oracle: the 10th most valuable US brand

Up to almost $92 million in 2023 from $25.8 million in 2018
12 October 2023
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Time and again, global Kantar BrandZ data has proven those brands that continue to invest in building a strong brand are the ones that grow faster. With digital no longer just a nice-to-have but a must-have for brand growth, technology is the biggest gamechanger at play today. Oracle, positioned as #10 in the U.S. on the 2023 Kantar BrandZ Most Value Brands rankings, continues to expand its distributed cloud offerings to meet organizations’ diverse needs and the growing worldwide demand for cloud services and financial applications. 

With an impressive brand valuation growth story, Oracle has increased from $25,802M in 2018 to $91,992 in 2023. Hardly a common household name, this Texas based organization founded in 1977, is now the #3 Business Technology and Service Platform brand. Their growth story is even more impressive considering brand value across this category declined 24% this year amid a larger slowdown in the global economy. As the company pivots toward providing AI-boosted cloud service in healthcare, Oracle is foundational to enterprise digital transformation. Its database technologies have powered the world’s most demanding business-critical applications for more than four decades. As AI emerges as a transformational force, it's only natural that Oracle will deliver the infrastructure required to extract the full value from today’s AI technologies.

Rising in a time of disruption 

Disruptions come in many forms. Perhaps the biggest tech disruption of this century has been the iPhone, which triggered the mainstream adoption of smart, handheld digital devices. However, the global pandemic significantly shifted our working, consumer and personal behaviors. It would be easy to claim Oracle’s rise in the BrandZ rankings to be a function of the global response to remote working and helping businesses adapt to a ‘new normal.’ 

However, Oracle has done more than power a global workforce. In late 2020, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) began using Oracle’s National Electronic Health Records Cloud to manage vaccinations in the United States, following its tracking of the Yellow Fever Vaccine in Africa.

In addition, the tech provider has recently increased investments in solutions for equity and affordability via AI. Oracle's Opower platform brings AI and behavioral science into the utility customer experience so utilities companies can measure and adapt to a wide variety of customer actions with efficiency —including self-serving, requesting financial assistance and upgrading homes, buildings, and cars. Much remains to be discovered about what AI will fully mean for the future of Business Technology and Service Platforms – but it's notable that category leaders, like Oracle, are leaning in on big bets. They are leading the disruption charge themselves, rather than allowing themselves to be a causality of disruption. 

Oracle: Meaningful, Different and Salient

Kantar evaluates brands on a matrix of being Meaningful, Different and Salient. Here, like its Business Technology and Service Platform competitors Google and Microsoft, Oracle ranks very highly. Typically, companies need to be both Meaningful and Different to develop Salience, and with Oracle the connection is clear. Brands with a strong sense of Difference are twice as likely to grow their share.

Oracle is defined as an Outsider in the category, per Kantar BrandSnapshot, or ‘not your everyday brand.’ Outsiders aren’t like the other brands in their categories. An Outsider brand may occupy a special niche in a category, or it may define a subcategory all of its own. Scoring low on Salient, like a Specialist, while also coming up short on Meaningful, an Outsider runs the risk of being misunderstood by consumers. Oracle delivers superior cloud, software and hardware products which makes them stand out. It is worth noting Oracle has garnered consistent industry recognition for finance applications, customer excellence and social impact. This is also seen in their Brand Associations, being considered by consumers as ‘Specialized’, ‘Distinctive’, and ‘Well Designed’.

Oracle is loved by their user base, equipping them with a large range of products and services, yet their level of trial is below average, partially because of the incredibly crowded business technology sector and partially because the companies perceived price is higher than their pricing power. Despite this risk of losing market share, there is a huge opportunity for Oracle to make potential customers loyal customers. 

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