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The key to business success is how your brand is seen by consumers. Validated to in-market sales, BrandZ™ uses millions of consumer interviews from across 51 markets to understand the value the ‘brand’ brings, diagnose its strengths and weaknesses, and provide actionable insights on how to drive growth.

Global scope

14,000+ different brands
51 markets
5.2bn data points

Key features

Business-oriented brand assessment

The world’s most detailed consumer brand equity database that is uniquely linked to financial outcomes.

Actionable diagnostics

Increase market share and margins. Learn from our extensively validated framework, trusted by the world’s top brands.

Future focussed

Analysis of 20 years of data on the world’s leading brands and market sales, identifies trends and high potential brands.

More information

BrandZ global rankings

Published annually, BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranks the world’s top brands, the sector leaders, big movers and brands to watch. With the wealth of insights on brands, categories and marketing issues and trends over 14 years it provides unparalleled insights about what is needed for brands to win with consumers around the world.

BrandZ country rankings

BrandZ ranks and showcases the most valuable brands in 16 countries, every year. Country ranking reports include thought leadership on local marketing topics, country background data, profiles of these key brands and analysis of the drivers of brand success.

Specialist rankings and reports

BrandZ publishes reports on the world’s most valuable retailer brands, and other special topics.

BrandZ has been measuring brand equity around the world since 1998. Our database forms a unique resource, which is now available as a consulting and analysis tool. It covers the widest range of brand health, brand perceptions, corporate reputation and brand personality metrics for over 14,000 brands across 51 markets. Our validated framework measures how Meaningful, Different and Salient brands are perceived to be by their customers, in a real-world competitive context.

In addition to customised brand reports, syndicated BrandZ data and insights are available to buy for individual brands and categories or across multiple markets or categories and over time. BrandZ data and workshops help you formulate marketing strategies and identify the future drivers of success for your brand.

BrandZ offers a range of customised brand reports to uncover what consumers really think about brands. Each report focuses on a key area brand owners must understand to achieve success, including your brand’s performance, its context, and how you can help your brand grow.

Brand Vitality

A simple view of the key components that make healthy, successful brands: Purpose, Innovation, Communication, Experience and Love. Available as a workshop tailored to your strategic needs.


A clear brand personality is a weapon in your marketing arsenal. Discover how consumers perceive your brand’s personality with our ten brand archetypes, from the Rebel to the Dreamer.

Corporate Reputation

Our consumer perceptions report benchmarks your corporate reputation against competitors and best-in-class brands.


Marketing creates emotional justifications for consumer decisions. Trust and Recommendation are two of the most powerful emotional outcomes, combined in this report with BrandZ’s unique TrustR formula.

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