Future Proof: Insights from Brand Builders Series

In this series, Martin Guerrieria, Head of Kantar BrandZ, meets remarkable senior marketers leading some of the world’s most valuable global brands.
29 August 2023
Brands podcast
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Episode 1 – A conversation with Asmita Dubey, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, L’Oréal

As part of our report on the world’s most valuable brands, Martin Guerrieria, Head of Kantar BrandZ speaks with Asmita Dubey, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, L’Oréal, about key brand-building strategies that differentiate, protect value, and advance sustainability credentials.

Discover extensive analysis on the most valuable global brands in the Kantar BrandZ global report.

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Future Proof is the marketing podcast from Kantar and Saïd Business School, Oxford University. In each episode, we have a frank discussion with industry experts, to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing, sharing evidence and inspiration for the future.

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