How a giant software brand uses multiple routes to drive continued growth

26 februari 2024
Adobe - desk setup

Adobe is a hugely successful US tech company offering a range creativity and multimedia software products such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader and cloud-based solutions.  It has featured in the annual BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands ranking since 2016. However, 2023 saw a -45% decline in brand value as tech stocks plummeted from an irrational market high post-Covid. Adobe’s strong brand has seen a fast recovery as it has posted financials showing a top 5% operating margin (33.6%) and +15% earnings per share in 2023.

Adobe MDS 

Adobe share price 

Adobe is stepping up its marketing activity to support the brand in 2023 using multiple channels

Despite being a ‘digital native’ brand, Adobe uses all forms of media to promote the brand and create the strong mental connections seen in its equity scores. In 2023 it started sponsorship of women’s football leagues in the USA and UK. As well as ensuring Adobe remains Salient, being “creativity partner” will engage fans and players helping them to promote on social media.

"There are so many fantastic stories that don't get told in women's sport." - Simon Marris, Adobe

Finding growth from extending the brand to new users and usage contexts

Adobe Firefly GenAI TV commercial – the first ad created using itself! – launched in October 2023 and illustrates the strong potential for expansion and extension of the brand into new product areas and uses.  The chart below shows that Adobe has near-universal penetration, so will need to leverage its high Future Power – an excess of MDS scores – to find new revenue streams.  Its Firefly product is the result of a collaboration with Alphabet’s Bard AI tools.

Adobe Penetration

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