Public Voice

See the full picture with robust, representative survey data, available quickly and at a competitive price point.


Public Voice is a panel research tool that allows online surveying of a randomly selected sample to ensure a true cross-section of the population. It has been specifically designed for research that has social value or requires a gold-standard evidence base.

Key features

Data from a random sample, not a self-selected one

Benefit from lower risk of sample bias, more accurate margins of error, and a reduced risk of panel conditioning.

Flexible and high-quality tool

Our specialist evaluators help clients to test and refine questionnaires and advise on every technical element to deliver on their needs.

Gold standard evidence about society

Public Voice methods avoid unrepresentative samples whilst retaining the measurement, speed and cost advantages of online surveying.

More information

With Public Voice, we can implement longitudinal research – the same survey repeated at intervals with the same people – not just one-off ‘snapshot’ research. Most of those we recruit for Public Voice stay on the panel. We do this by limiting the volume of research studies so our members are not overwhelmed, rewarding them fairly for their help, and by using multiple communication channels and time-points to invite participation.

With Public Voice, we can provide a nationally representative sample of up to 10,000 adults, allowing granular analysis of your data. However, we also offer complementary sample boosts via our ABOS random sample survey method. These samples can be of any scale and in any location in the UK

We collect almost all data online, so Public Voice studies are not influenced by any interviewer affects, such as how questions are asked or subtle presentational choices on the part of their respondents. This allows delivery of more honest data, particularly for sensitive topics.
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