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The evidence base for governments & multilateral organisations globally to tackle society's most complex policy problems.
public evidence

Research to help you see the full picture

Draw on our wide toolkit of capabilities, from classic social research methods to innovations in digital and non-survey.

Deep expertise and academic collaboration

An ongoing programme of knowledge-sharing offers better solutions to policy problems with new methodological approaches.

Global expertise, delivered locally

Deploy whole population and multi-country research, and understand hard-to-reach groups and hard-to-access areas.

Ensure usage and dissemination in your organisations

Get real-time data collection updates, interactive dashboards, data visualisation, and access to our in-house experts.

Around the world, our data collection capability is industry leading and our ability to reach all sections of society is unrivalled. We are trusted by governments to collect the data used for their gold standard national statistics; by leading universities to manage the world’s most sophisticated longitudinal research programmes; by multilateral agencies to research the values, attitudes and resources of society simultaneously across multiple countries and continents.

Kantar’s clients benefit from a global operational strategy built on consistent standards, global technology platforms, and shared best practice. We are ‘first adopters’ of new technologies that can increase our ability to reach and connect with citizens. We innovate and break new ground: such as the first longitudinal panel of refugees in Europe, or, the most successful app ever used in citizen engagement in the pursuit of rural sanitation improvements in India. We look for new ways to link data, integrate open data, non-survey data and unstructured data, and draw on Kantar’s data partnerships and our in-house Analytics capabilities.

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Get evidence for successful decision-making and policy design in government and the public sector.
A powerful tool for citizen engagement and consultation, to unpick policy challenges.
We manage the world’s most sophisticated longitudinal research programmes, for governments and leading universities.
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