Revolutionary multichannel tracking

LIFT+ powered by THX is a tech-driven optimisation tool that provides in-depth audience insights for your multichannel campaign.

The platform gives you access to audience insights for all your marketing channels at speed, enabling you to evaluate the brand and creative impact of your campaign on every channel. Optimising your live marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Plus, with the THX mobile app, harness the power of innovative technology to capture real-time consumer behaviour data for your campaigns.

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Features & benefits

Campaign performance

How did my multichannel campaign perform overall? Did I reach my target audience
and what brand-building role did
each channel play?

Marketing effectiveness

How can I measure the effectiveness
of my brand campaign by leveraging real-time exposure triggers?

Access to insights

How can I optimise my media strategy and media planning with faster access
to insights?

Media optimisation

How can I identify the most cost-effective channels of my multichannel campaign?

What our clients are saying

"I am genuinely excited about their unique ability to deliver deep cross-media insights through passive measurement of cross-media ad exposure"

"We have consistently gained a deep understanding of its functionalities and utilized it effectively to achieve outstanding results. The app's Brand Lift and Location features, combined with strategic thinking, has contributed to the outcomes of a lot of our research studies"

"When it comes to media optimization in EMEA, the Kantar team proves to be truly indispensable. Their deep comprehension of brand building, media and our business, along with their unwavering commitment to improvement, ensure that each day is maximized to its fullest potential."

Maximise your campaign's impact

Monitor campaign performance in

Capture real-time behaviour insights with the THX. passive panel to monitor true customer campaign exposure and impact.

Measure multichannel media contribution

Size the contribution of each media, the overlap, and synergies to optimise your media mix.  

Start monitoring retail performance

LIFT+ opens up retail opportunities to track in-store visits, as well as out of home advertising with granularity. 

Optimise your campaign strategy

Access actionable insights at your fingertips across all channels for smarter, faster decisions that maximise media impact and cost efficiency.
Mastering multichannel marketing in 2024

Discover our essential guide for navigating the evolving media landscape of 2024. Gain insights and evidence-based tips to optimise your brand's growth amidst the challenges of fragmented channels and new ad platforms. Download now.

Mastering multi-channel marketing in 2024 Kantar

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