Grocery inflation hit 12.4% in August and with no signs of slowing, shoppers, manufactures and retailers are all facing into the challenge ahead.

Join us as we explore some of the biggest topics related to grocery inflation and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis right across our industry.  We’ll be tackling a new topic every two weeks in a short 30min session where you’ll also get the chance to put your questions to our experts.

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1. Actions speak louder than words: Connecting the dots between what shoppers say and do.

21 September – 10am


2. A re-think on sustainability: Does the spirit of “doing the right thing” disappear amidst rising costs?

5 October - 10am


3. It’s beginning to look nothing like Christmas: Will shoppers splash or dash on festive spending?

19 October - 10am


4. Innovation during tough times: Brand building and NPD are critical

2 November - 10am


5. Reimagining retail is the name of the game: As spending habits recalibrate for inflation what are the implications for suppliers?

16 November – 10am


6. Is small the new big?: A look at the pivot on pack sizes and pricing

30 November - 10am


7. Trading down, trading up and trading off: How shoppers are changing consumption habits to beat rising costs

14 December - 10am