The holiday and travel sector has been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic and, nearly two years on, it continues to await the opportunity to get back to something like normal service. It will be earnestly hoping that 2022 is the year that this finally becomes possible.

It is a crucial time, therefore, to assess how British consumers feel about taking a significant holiday in 2022. Drawing upon new data from our January 2022 GB TGI survey, our latest infographic explores who has already booked a holiday for this year, who is planning to do so, and who remains undecided.

For those intending to go away, we investigate where they are going, when they are going and, crucially, how far in advance they plan to book their trip.

For many consumers it has been a long time since they have been able to take a proper holiday... and our research reveals that millions plan to splash out extra this year on at least some aspect of their holiday, making them a key target for many marketers.

We also take a look at those who remain undecided about booking a holiday this year and the key reasons preventing them from doing so.

Highlights from the infographic include:

36% of British adults plan to book, or have already booked, a main holiday this year – but 64% are undecided.

28% of those planning to go away plan to holiday in the British Isles – what are the key attitudes that differentiate these holidaymakers?

3-6 months in advance is the most popular booking window for those planning a holiday, with May the top month to depart.

The destination is the top holiday aspect that those intending a break say they will splash out more on this year – and we explore which media might best engage these travellers.

For those still undecided on a main holiday this year, we explore the importance of ongoing uncertainties around e.g. travel restrictions and personal income.

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