Why own-label is now the retail frontrunner:

Consumer choices are more than just impulse; they're the heartbeat of the retail landscape. And right now, that heartbeat is echoing an unexpected yet undeniable shift towards own-label products. This seismic change, unravelled in our most recent analysis, signals a rewriting of retail norms.

The past two years have shown a profound movement in the UK's retail landscape: own-label market share has risen to 51.9% as of August 2023. While the ascent is palpable across all categories, what's intriguing is the rate and scale at which people are switching away from Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands in favour of own-label products supplied directly by the retailers.

Own-label products have become the first choice for many as they look for ways to beat the cost-of-living crisis being felt everywhere from energy costs and interest rates to the supermarket checkout. The question facing brands is not how to compete but how to stay relevant in an increasingly own-label-dominated arena. It's a nuanced situation. Despite consumers leaning towards own-label products, they are still discriminating in their choices, making it a critical time for brands to redefine and reaffirm their value proposition.

As supermarkets recalibrate their strategies and brand partnerships, the stakes couldn't be higher. The tensions of consumer trust, price pressures, and brand loyalty are palpable. How to successfully read the room and respond appropriately is at the centre of our latest report.

We offer the trends, the forecasts, and strategic mile markers to this shifting landscape. 

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