Poweranking 2018: Shifting Gears

We look at the 5 gears of growth in a post-cost-cutting era.
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For the last several years, the U.S. CPG/Retail ecosystem has been stuck in neutral. Many organizations struggle to execute the basics as they tackle a more complex world with fewer resources. This year we see best-in-class companies shifting gears to capture new growth opportunities. Effective omnichannel strategies continue to take shape and new shopper needs are addressed with increasing speed.

The POWERANKING® leaders for 2018 — Walmart and PepsiCo — are two companies who have handled this gear shift with skill. Walmart achieved the #1 position for 22 years in a row, this year driven by clarity of strategy, supply chain, digital platforms, and manufacturers’ belief in their future performance. PepsiCo not only achieved the overall #1 position for three consecutive years, but they also achieved the #1 position on all nine metrics for 2018.

Best-in-class businesses have mastered outstanding agility and have executives in place who are willing to look beyond quarterly results to achieve real growth. Some are investing in core brands, some in innovation, and others have made significant acquisitions. In any case, these business leaders, while staying true to their strategy, have “pivoted, achieved returns on change, and have been courageous” over the past three years and now are “shifting gears” to stay on top.

In addition to the ranking, this report will provide insight into what makes these organisations “the best” across the nine key metrics. Please complete the form and a member of our team will reach out with pricing details for the full report.

Snapshot of the 2018 Rankings

PepsiCo earned the #1 position in the POWERANKING® report for the 3rd year in a row. On the retailer side, Kroger earned the #2 position for 3 consecutive years, while Amazon moved up to the #3 position.

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