Watch: Overview of The Future Viewing Experience

The most critical findings from Kantar’s seminal 2022 report, disclosing insights on content and delivery, viewer behavior, advertising and data.
06 March 2023
Louise Ainsworth

Executive Managing Director, Media Division, EMEA

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Audiences today face a growing choice, often shaped by their need states at any given moment. As a result, the shape and nature of the viewer experience over the remainder of the decade will be a blend of different forms of viewing – with profound implications for content windowing, monetization and advertising. 

To understand the opportunities and challenges this presents, in 2022, we produced The Future Viewing Experience, an objective global appraisal of the viewing landscape. 

Commissioned following the pandemic, which brought about a significant shift in viewing behavior, the aim of the report was to discover the experiences and choices that were available to consumers and how they responded to them. Furthermore, we sought to examine what that meant in the industry for monetization, and how audience measurement could unlock growth.

In this ten-minute video, recorded at The Future of TV Advertising Global conference at the end of last year, I shared some of the most business critical findings from the report, focusing on content and delivery, viewer behavior, advertising, and data. 


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