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Tap into the $250 billion industry to build brand equity and drive performance.
29 May 2024
Nicole Jones

Chief Media Commercial Lead, North America

Laura Flatow-Eisenhauer

Manager, Client Service, Media, Insights, North America

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Unleash the high-octane power of creator communities and create viral engagement for your brand with creator led content with the Creator Digest.

Goldman Sachs analysts estimate that the creator economy is a $250 billion industry and could reach $480 billion by 2027.

Though brands have been working with creators for quite some time, the research shows that marketers are leaving opportunity untapped – especially when it comes to building brand equity through these programs. The Creator Digest findings illustrate how creators' unique ability to create community holds huge potential for shaping brand futures and driving robust performance.

Key findings on the Creator Digest include:

  • Creators drive viral engagement. 92% of captured audiences noting they frequently share creator-led content themselves and 78% saying they like to try products or brands featured in creator-made content
  • Creators create brand equity. In the U.S., creator-led content is a strong differentiator for brands, exceeding U.S. benchmarks in brand distinction by 4.85x
  • Community building is the key to younger generations. Half of adults under 45 feel that finding a community that shares their interests or beliefs is important to them

Download the Creator Digest for the ultimate guide to building brand equity and performance with creator marketing and supercharge your brand future.

Download the report:

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