20 innovative uses of AI for your marketing

As the technology advances, the use of AI in marketing seems unlimited. View our infographic for more insights.
21 June 2017

Google’s I/O 17, Apple’s iPhone keyboard, human-like Robot Sophia, Zillow’s home price estimates… You hear about artificial intelligence on a daily basis, noting the huge progress which it brings in various fields. The development of different techniques of automatic learning such as deep learning, reinforcement learning and natural language processing are in fact becoming widespread with personal assistants paving the way.

What about marketing and communication professionals? While a few years ago this all might have seemed possible only in science fiction, the use of artificial intelligence in marketing seems unlimited today, providing the opportunity for communications professionals to focus on creative value-added tasks and achieving effectiveness in many areas.

What are these new areas of application? In practice, what innovations can artificial intelligence bring to you? Here are 20 ‘AI-driven’ tracks to consider for your marketing...

Infographic AI Marketing