Reversing declining market share for an alcohol brand

Couple drinking
We used social analysis to show our client that it needed to focus on meaningful difference in order to stay relevant in its consumers' lives.


Our market-leading client was under intense competitive pressure and needed to halt market share decline. They faced strong competition and were losing market share to other established brands and new category entrants, so they needed to find out why and what they could do. 


We conducted an in-depth social analysis of the brand to identify how consumers really saw it, and so we could unpick the reasons for declining market share.


The brand was too reliant on a kind of ‘empty’ fame generated from effective and heavy communications spend, and in-store deals. It was not associated with category occasions, and needed to cement its position as the most salient brand in specific purchase moments. It was also lacking tangible and intangible product benefits to build a compelling point of difference versus competitors.


We identified our client’s unique benefits and how to improve communications to reverse their share loss and maximise marketing ROI. We identified that to stop the decline, our client needed to go beyond its fairly shallow communications and begin to emphasise its unique benefits, linking those in turn with some specific category needs and occasions that other competitors were missing.

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