Product Portfolio & Price Optimization

Maximize the competitiveness of your offer. Identify the optimum pricing, and mix of features and products, to grow.

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ChoiceEvaluate uses the latest choice modeling techniques to reveal the products and features that best meet consumer needs. Based on consumers’ willingness to pay, we build product and price scenarios that will maximize your brand revenue and profit.

Key features

The right prices

Proven to improve simulation accuracy by over 20%, we predict how price changes will affect volume, revenue or profit.

Optimized offers

Our award-winning simulator determines the perceived value of each feature and finds the optimum bundles and prices.

Closer to reality

Our behavioral economics framework and smart, self-learning interview algorithms accurately reflect purchase behavior.

Recent innovations

We constantly innovate our choice modeling methods to take account of latest thinking and changing market environments. Examples of recently completed R&D include:

  • Adaptive displays for mobile interviewing, allowing consumers to make product choices on their smartphones
  • Virtual reality interviewing, so consumers can choose products from a 3D shelf
  • Machine learning algorithms to segment respondents in real-time and create the ideal next choice task for new segment members on the fly
  • War gaming price optimization using Nash Equilibrium price points
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