Kantar releases innovations in media product suite, including behavioral metrics, AI enhancements, and contextual insights

20 December 2023
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Releases include the digital first measurement solution Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization Platform; Brand Lift Insights (BLI) Solution with Creative Insights, powered by Link AI and a New Attention Framework 

NEW YORK (December 20, 2023) - Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, has shown strong growth and momentum for 2023, following multiple releases of innovative product enhancements including digital first solutions, AI enablement, and creative and behavioral insights to flagship products.  These innovations come at a time where investment, usage and adoption in digital, AI, and neuroscience are steadily increasing. 

“Kantar remains the most experienced global partner in media effectiveness with an unmatched understanding of brands, consumers, and technology” said Steve Silvers, EVP Media and Creative Solutions at Kantar.  “We constantly invest in innovation to provide global brands and advertisers with the best tools available to meet and exceed their forecasted growth. Following successful releases of UMMO; BLI with Creative Insights powered by Link AI; and the new Attention Framework available on Context Lab and Link; we look to bring even more innovative solutions in the coming year. Because of our size, data access, depth of experience, and technology innovation, we easily adapt to everchanging environments to support clients current and future needs. Across all channels, including those emerging, Kantar’s insights are more accurate and powerful because the data is backed by real people, with real rigor, providing our clients with real results.”

Brand Lift Insights with Creative Insights Powered by Link AI

Kantar’s Brand Lift Insights (BLI) provides brand measurement across all screens from linear to digital assets and determines the effectiveness of a campaign and its ability to impact the attitudes and brand lift measures that drive ROI. Given the importance of the context and interplay of media and creative, BLI now also reports on key creative metrics thanks to the integration of Kantar’s award-winning Link AI solution trained on the world's largest advertising database of + 250,000 creative tests. 

The effectiveness of media is dependent on creative quality. Kantar’s research shows that creative drives 49% Salience contribution and 4 times the return on marketing investment.

BLI with Creative Insights, powered by Link AI is the first media effectiveness solution to provide key Creative Scores –impact, persuasion, and power – to help Brands and Advertisers get actionable insights on digital video creatives in addition to brand lift media and brand metrics. 

Helping to create successful digital advertising across platforms and devices, BLI with Creative Insight’s dashboard also provides detailed insights that ensure digital campaigns build an impactful brand message and are optimized by site, creative and frequency. This technology further addresses marketers and advertisers’ need for increasing speed and agility in understanding creative effectiveness through AI.

Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization (UMMO)

Digital ad spending continues to rise and is expected to account for 75% of total ad revenue by 2028. 

Having the right tools and understanding of the unified marketing measurement is crucial for marketers looking to take control of marketing budgets and allocation. UMMO is delivered through a marketing ROI platform, customized to each user’s business context, marketing challenges and data availability.

Targeting to deliver 30%+ higher Marketing ROI and 10x-20x return on investments, the always on platform enables faster, smarter marketing decisions. Using AI, UMMO supports the modeling approach and acts as the user interface, bringing together data and models to allow for smarter, faster marketing decisions.

New Attention Measurement Framework

Kantar’s new proprietary attention framework uses facial coding to uncover how well ad content captures the attention of viewers on a second-by-second basis. It also provides advertisers with a comparison to norms, and a second-by-second trace to diagnose where attention is retained and lost. The norms and benchmarks are built using Kantar’s expertise in measuring attention and a database of 50,000 attention ad tests. 

The framework reveals whether people pay attention to ads in different media contexts and what creative strengths drive attention, providing advertisers with the insights they need to optimize their campaigns. It is available in LINK+ and Context Lab. 

“This has been a great year for Kantar. We’re continuing to innovate and grow on a global scale, helping shape the brands of tomorrow while powering growth today and for years to come,” continued Jed Meyer, SVP and Media Solution Leader at Kantar. “Our best-in-class technology is based on validated methodology and techniques that underpin the entire Kantar suite of solutions. With our developments in AI and behavioral metrics, we can provide deeper insights into the what and the why behind what’s driving meaningful, impactful connections with consumers. There’s more to come in 2024 so stay tuned!”

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