In this exclusive series led by Don Abraham, Kantar expert and one of the nation's top futurists, we explore how brands can understand, anticipate and shape what comes next for their businesses. Each month, Don sits down with key industry leaders from across Kantar for a session diving into how different vertical categories can transform today's insights into long-term value. Along with each episode, we have an accompanying booklet with our latest industry focused thought leadership and insights aimed to help you prepare for the trends of tomorrow. Register for upcoming sessions, view previous episodes, and download industry booklets below. 

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Future Ready: Automotive

The automotive industry has gone through unprecedented disruption in recent years due to pandemic impacts on supply chain, labor unrest, and the surge of EVs. Now is the time for car makers to think about the importance of their brand marketing vs. performance marketing and shape their brands of tomorrow as there is plenty more change to come. This session features industry experts Don Abraham and Scott Megginson exploring how, what and the when the auto industry will need to thrive in an era of continuous change.

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Food and Beverage

Future Ready: Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry has been remarkably resilient throughout the past three years of disruption. However, a cooling economy; the rise of Retail Media Networks; the potential and peril of Gen AI; and a context in which brands have become fair game, promises more, not less, disruption. View this episode of Future Ready with host Don Abraham and industry expert James May as they discuss what’s next in the world of food & beverage and how brands should be preparing for the next industry disruption. 

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Future Ready - Tech

Future Ready: Technology

From advancing AI capabilities, to consumer goods, to redesigning the workplace of the future, the tech industry has a profound effect on today’s consumer. In this episode of our Future Ready series, our host Don Abraham is joined by industry expert Subhashish Dasgupta to discuss how tech brands can achieve long-term growth in a constantly changing marketplace, and what they need to anticipate in order to adapt, plan and find new opportunities.

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Future Ready: Financial Services

The entire concept of money is changing. The last few years have seen new macro changes to the market, in which people are left questioning the meanings of wealth as you age and the impacts of the coming Great Wealth Transfer, as well as consumers and retail investors having access to information and advice to fully own their financial life. In this episode, our host Don Abraham talks to industry expert Lindsey Dickman to explore what finance companies will need to thrive in an era of continuous change.

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Future Ready - Retail

Future Ready: Retail

The entire way we shop is changing from start to finish. This transformation is creating a new ecosystem of the consumer experience with implications affecting pricing, production, brand strategies and beyond. In this Future Ready episode, our host Don Abraham and is joined by industry expert Carmen Bohoyo. Watch this session where they explore the how’s, the what’s and the when’s retailers will need to thrive during today's continuous change.

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