Mercedes-Benz gains pricing power in EV market whilst maintaining focus on quality and desirability

22 april 2024
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A traditional brand that offers something Different

Mercedes-Benz is a brand built on a long heritage of automobile manufacture with the company being founded in 1926. Today it focuses on high quality luxury vehicles, offering lots of options from compact city cars to large SUV’s. 

Mercedes-Benz is a highly recognisable brand thanks to consistent styling across its range and iconic 3-point star logo. With clear Difference, the brand has been building its Meaningful and Salient associations to grow share.

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At the forefront of innovation with EV focus

The brand stands out on three important areas; a highly distinctive look and feel, very clear emotional positioning, and superior performance and quality. Thanks to these contributing factors it holds a strong association with the Ruler personality in 13 out of 15 markets.

A large focus has been placed on its range of EV’s (Electric Vehicles), which has seen a strong increase in sales of 19%. EV’s now account for almost half (44%) of Mercedes-Benz car sales, indicating a large perspective shift within the company. This shift will position Mercedes-Benz to compete with the likes of Tesla and new Chinese brand BYD, leveraging the very latest technology.

Strong relationships justify premium positioning

Strong consumer relationships underpinned by Meaning and Difference support a premium price point for Mercedes-Benz. In most markets, the brand is seen to justify its premium.

In a number of key markets, Mercedes continues to strengthen its Pricing Power which will help protect business margins in the face of an uncertain economic outlook. 

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