LinkedIn empowers global professionals with purpose

20 juni 2024
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A growing global platform

LinkedIn is the only major social media platform solely dedicated to professionals, launching in 2003 before being acquired by Microsoft in 2016. The business now consists of diversified revenue from membership subscriptions, advertising sales and recruitment solutions. 

With 875 million members registered in 2022 and over 58 million companies listed on the platform, the brand has seen consistent growth in both users and revenue. 

Strong connections, but specialist 

LinkedIn is a small player in the broad context of online sharing and networking due to its specialist nature, being the only one of its kind with such vast global reach. However, its Meaningful Difference outperforms its Salience, indicating strong consumer connections.
LinkedIn MDS

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The brand is known for the unique way in which it connects professionals and enables topical debate and discussion, as well as its vast range of tools and courses for professional development. LinkedIn is also a key network for job opportunities, with 8 people hired on the platform every minute. The brand is well known in this space, with strong brand equity in a job seeking context.  

Grounded in a clear ‘purpose’

LinkedIn is also perceived to make peoples lives better by building a network to drive self-improvement and productivity.
‘Purpose’ isn’t always related to sustainability or CSR initiatives but can simply be the role a brand plays in improving everyday life- demonstrated by LinkedIn’s commitment to improving the professional lives of many around the world.

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