The top 30 most valuable Dutch brands are worth US$72.7bn, with the overall brand value of the ranking increasing by 10% over the past two years. This is down to a combination of successful pricing strategies, overseas expansion, and creating value through meaningful difference. When brands achieve meaningful difference, they have connected with consumers and are seen as unique compared to other brands.

Highlights from the new brand valuation ranking and analysis, which is based on the opinions of more than 42,190 respondents about 930 brands across 69 categories, reveals:

  • Iconic beer brand, Heineken, is the most valuable Dutch brand, worth US$13.7bn
  • Online travel services platform,, takes second place with a brand value of US$11.4bn
  • Discount store chain Action (No.10; $2.3bn), is the highest-rising brand, up 75% since 2021
  • Alcohol is the largest category in the ranking, representing 22% of total brand value, and featuring three other beer brands: Amstel (No.12; $1.5bn), Hertog Jan (No.26; $284m) and Grolsch (No.27; $275m) 
  • Retail is one of the highest-growing categories, with ten retailers in the Top 40, led by Spar (No.9; US$2.3bn)

Our research consistently shows that to be successful, brands need to navigate the present without giving up on the long-term efforts that build value. Brands that pursue short-term measures to overcome present challenges, while staying on track with harder tasks that build sustainable, transparent, and meaningfully different brands over time can expect future returns.

Kantar BrandZ Netherlands 2023 report
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Find a summary of the Dutch brand ranking in this infographic. Dutch brands are highly international in nature, with, on average, 65% of the business of brands in the ranking being influenced by their reputation with consumers overseas. Top brands in the Netherlands also lead their European counterparts on the Kantar BrandZ Trust Index, outpacing their peers on integrity, inclusion, and inspiring trust. Discover the top 10, newcomers, highest risers and category breakdown.
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Watch a celebration of the top 30 most valuable Dutch brands. At the heart of a brand’s value is its ability to appeal to relevant customers and potential customers. Kantar BrandZ uniquely measures this appeal and validates it against actual sales performance. Brands that succeed in creating the greatest attraction power are those that perform well on being meaningful (meeting needs in relevant ways and/or building affinity), different (being unique vs. competitors and/or setting trends) and salient (coming easily to mind). 
It was with great pleasure that on April 6th we revealed the 2023 ranking of the Kantar BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands in the A'DAM Toren. Take a look at the aftermovie of the event!
To be eligible for inclusion in this ranking, brands must have originated in the Netherlands or be owned by a Dutch company, and their finances must be publicly available. In this video, we walk through the methodology behind our brand valuation rankings, a three-step process, which uses financial value and brand contribution to determine the brand’s value. Learn more about the methodology behind Kantar BrandZ brand valuation rankings.