Finding new markets for a national beer brand

Kantar identified where this client could play to win, building a cultural profile of young beer consumers that provided valuable insight quickly.


A mature beer brand was seeing a resurgence in several key markets and wanted to identify future growth regions and improve their chances of a successful brand relaunch.


We explored the 24-34 year-old population in Chicago and Portland, using MotiveMix® attitudinal dimensions to identify key motivations that distinguished this consumer cohort from others. We then calculated “similarity scores” to gauge which market(s) most closely matched the markets the client had already identified as successful for the brand.


The application of attitudinal data in combination with demographics yielded a cultural profile of young beer consumers that provided insight quickly and cost-effectively for the client.


MotiveMix® analysis, combined with Streetscaper input in each market, has helped the brand team develop a more targeted strategy in key markets, and has allowed them to prioritise certain markets over others because of the attitude/lifestyle similarities to markets where have already achieved success.

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